SERVICES OFFERED Contract Negotiations When it comes to contract negotiation, Goal Line is considered to be the elite Agency in the Business. With 25 years of experience, our management team provides services that assist our clients on issues ranging from contract language and salary trends to creative and aggressive negotiations. Having had the experience of negotiating numerous tedious, complex and considerable contracts, Goal Line has demonstrated that they are the best at what they do. We do not believe in following the standard contract trends- rather, we pride ourselves in setting the standard for contracts through unparalleled preparation, research, analysis and aggressive negotiation. Our contracts have continued to stand tall in an ever-changing financial climate, and Goal Line has continued to garner praise from our players for outstanding contract negotiation tactics. The bottom line is we get our players paid and provide them with financial security; there is nobody in the business that has done it more consistently. Player Marketing and Endorsements In today’s NFL, marketing is EVERYTHING. Goal Line Football utilizes their vast knowledge of the media industry to produce an all-out info blitz across all media platforms from online and print media to TV and Radio Appearances. Our players receive maximum positive exposure to both fans and NFL teams because of the relationships that we have built with respected media contacts and team’s top management/ decision makers. Player Endorsements Goal Line Football retains many valuable contacts in the sportswear industry including Nike, Reebok, & Under Armour. Jaguar, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, BMW, Mercedez-Benz, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Royal Carribean, Disney, Renato Watches, FeDex, McDonalds, Burger King, Gatorade & Best Buy are some of the major companies with whom Goal Line Football has secured lucrative endorsement deals for our clients. We go to great lengths to align our clients with the proper marketing ventures and capitalize on the “off the field” money that an NFL player can potentially make. From shoe & car deals to speaking engagements and autograph signings, Goal Line Football takes care of 100% of your endorsement needs. Legal Services Goal Line Football has a team of attorneys that offer a wide variety of services to our sports and entertainment clients. They proactively advise on asset and wealth management, estate planning, business strategy, transactional and corporate matters, business litigation, employment matters, contract negotiations, and personal/injury workers compensation litigation. Draft Preparation and Training With deals worked out with top-notch training companies, Goal Line prides itself on preparing its draft eligible clients for the NFL Draft and a long, successful NFL career. We go above and beyond on making sure our clients are ready to take that next step in their football careers. From proper nutritional planning to sports chiropractic care, our athletes are at the peak condition of their lives come NFL Draft time. Not only do we provide Combine training, but Football training as well with drills led by former professional players, Olympic athletes, and coaches with NFL experience.