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Goal Line pays for all of our draft-eligible (Combine) clients to train. Included in that program are housing, food, transportation and other costs related to Draft-Prep.

No. We suggest that you call the NFLPA to check on any agent/firm you might be speaking to. The phone number at the NFLPA is (202) 756-2200. Ask for "Agent Administration"



We have an aggressive plan which we implement at various phases of a player's career, from pre-draft, to pre-restricted free agency, to pre-unrestricted free agency. This includes heavy team contacts by telephone, emails and face to face interaction. Goal Line has fantastic relationships with every team for 30 years. Our staff includes a former front office executive. Additionally, our clients include over 80 NFL coaches, giving us extremely unique access to roster availability.

The maximum agent fee is 3% of the total amount of compensation a player receives under the contract.
We do not provide these services directly but can and will assist clients in choosing reputable and ethical advisors in these areas. We feel that is in the best interests of our clients to receive advice in these areas from independent advisors.
Many components separate us from our competition. We have an unbridled passion for this business and our clients. We provide elite training for our draft eligible clients. The phenomenal relationships with scouts, coaches and general managers that we've cultivated in our 30 years in the NFL. We secure our clients with multi-million dollar contracts. We are renowned for achieving these results while maintaining our sterling reputation for honesty and integrity. We are tough negotiators with a realistic understanding of a players value. Lastly, but most importantly, we care about our clients as players and as people, to us there is no greater joy than seeing our clients success in all endeavors. .
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