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Our management team provides services that assist our clients on issues ranging from contract language and salary trends to creative and aggressive negotiation. We are particularly detailed with the issues pertaining to salary cap regulations, incentives, "roll over" monies along with skill/injury/cap guarantees, escalators and the solicitation of restricted free agent offer sheets.

Having had the experience of negotiating (from both sides of the table) numerous, tedious, complex and considerable contracts, Goal Line has demonstrated that they are the best at what they do through maximizing their client's value. We do not believe in following the standard contract trends - rather, we pride ourselves in setting the standard for contracts through unparalleled preparation, research, analysis and aggressive negotiation. Our contracts have continued to stand tall despite salary cap fluctuations. Most importantly, in our 30 years of existence, we have NEVER HAD A ROOKIE OR VETERAN CLIENT MISS ONE DAY OF ROOKIE CAMP, TRAINING CAMP OR THE REGULAR SEASON DUE TO A CONTRACTUAL HOLDOUT. 

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